Thank You Ashington Facebook Page

From Ashington? On Facebook? Then you need to go check out this page and give it a like, a real feel good community page.
This page is to thank people of Ashington and point out the good in the area, this can only be done through help from YOU!!
How this works…….if you think someone or something deserves a bit praise for help they have give or a bit kindness shown or just a massive well done! then then this is the place! you can post to the wall or if you don’t want to do that you can send the page a message with a bit of info and the page will post on your behalf.
Ashington is starting to get a bit of bad press but there are a lot of people who go that extra mile for others and that needs to be highlighted, the community we have is fantastic and will band together and help those that need it.
The intention of this page is to be a platform that lets people in our fine town see that we can thrive through our good deeds and closeness again.
So if you have a story of good will then please share!! it can be anything from a big charity event to someone popping to the shops for you…… this will only work with your help.

Thank you…