Chat Room

The Online Chat is a place where you can talk to other people about various subjects 'live'. There is no need to now wait for someone to reply to your forum post, just chat to them in real-time instead.

Just read the Terms of Use and the Disclaimer below and click "I would like to chat". The chat will open in a new page, edit your name in the 'Choose A Nickname' box and then click the "Click to join Chatroom" button.

IMPORTANT! When it opens you will see 2 tabs at the top of the page, #34sp and #ash, you need to select the #ash tab to chat, the other is a default support channel on the server.



Terms of Use disclaims all responsibility for, and liability in respect of, the content contained in the online chat. The opinions provided by users are their own, and not necessarily those of does not authorise or endorse the comments of users, however any contributions made are copyright


Users must not post any content in the chat which is unlawful, threatening, harassing, abusive, defamatory, obscene and/or vulgar, or any content the publication of which violates the rights of any third party. Moderators and those acting on the behalf of have the right to remove and/or ban users that are seen to contravene this disclaimer.

I Would Like To Chat

By clicking "I Would like to Chat" you agree to the above Terms of Use and Disclaimer.

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