Ashington-NE Image Gallery

Gallery is a collection of photo albums connected with this site. There are 2 main albums, the Ashington album containing images in and around Ashington, added to by Admin, and the Users album containing images from users of this site. Have a good look around and if you decide you would like to participate click the register link at the top of the Gallery, you will need to use a working e-mail address in the info you provide as the software will mail you a confirmation link to authorise your account.

Enter Gallery

Instructions for adding a new album to Gallery.

Once at gallery page login with your username and password (you need a separate one to your forum login) if you don't have one let me know and I'll set up an account.

When logged in select "New Album" from menu, then select "Add Photos". In the pop up window select how many images you would like to upload, the boxes change to fit the required amount. Click "Browse" and select the image from your hard drive, once you have selected all that you want click "Upload", a progress window will open and will disappear once uploaded and you'll see the "Processing Status" window with a dismiss button, check the text for any errors to note then click "Dismiss" You will then go back to your album where you'll see your photo's. If you would like a short description with your images select "Captions" from the menu to open the "Multiple Captions Editor" Change any captions you need and add keywords if you wish (optional) When done click "Save and Exit" You will then see your images with your descriptions below.

Once done click "Ashington-NE Image Gallery" link to go back to the top level, you will see your album says "untitled" and edit next to it, click edit and give your album a name. Do the same for description if you wish to have a short description for your album.

That's it done, you've added an album, now any time you come back you can add/remove your images change captions etc. but only on your own albums.

I will then come along and move it into the appropriate area once it's done. You could create nested sub-albums within the main albums but you cannot give them descriptions so if you do it this way you can let people know what your albums is about.

I hope this little tutorial helps you get your images online, don't be afraid to check out any of the other options that I haven't covered here.